Relevant Documents



Walking, A Path to Prosperity, Health, and Social Capital, International Economic Development Journal, Fall 2014

National Charrette Institute is an educational institution that teaches the art and science of Charrettes.  The website features best practices, presentations, videos, articles and reports on charrettes.

CDC's Designing and Building Healthy Places  website features best practices, presentations, videos, articles and reports on charrettes.


Designing Healthy Communities by Dr. Richard Jackson, Jossey-Bass Publisher, October 2011.  The Companion book to the 4-part PBS series.  The book highlights how we design the built environment and its potential for addressing and preventing many of the devastating childhood and adult health concerns.

Reshaping Metropolitan America: Development Trends and Opportunities to 2030 by Dr. Arthur C Nelson, Island Press, January 15, 2013.  This book highlights changes in population, jobs, and emerging real estate preferences that are shaping the built environment.  Professor Nelson  shows how redevelopment can meet new and emerging market demands by creating more compact, walkable, and enjoyable communities.

Form-Based Codes Institute is an organization dedicated to advancing the understanding and use of form-based codes. FBCI pursues this objective through developing standards, education, and creating a forum for discussion and advancement of form-based codes.

Center for Neighborhood Technology promotes more livable and sustainable urban communities. The website features research, tools, and urban strategies that use resources more efficiently and more equitably.

America Walks wants to make America a great place for walking.  The website features advice about how to get started and how to be effective with public officials and engineering and design professionals.


Office of Planning and Research, General Plan Guidelines  The CA Planning office includes guidelines for preparing General Plan.

Reinventing the General Plan, California Planning Roundtable  The website features principles, model General Plans, emerging tools and useful articles on General Plan update process.