The Team


City Staff (All aspects)

Rangwala Associates (All aspects)

Nelson Nygaard (Mobility, parking)

Psomas (Program EIR)

Urban Crossroads (Air quality, climate change)

HR&A (Economic analysis)

Moule & Polyzoides (Urban design)

Crabtree Group (Infrastructure, MS4)

Architectural Resource Group (Cultural Resources)

Neighborland (Online collaboration)


Executive Team

The key responsibility is to review schedule and budget at monthly status meeting, logistical planning, and the facilitating the process.

  • Sergio Gonzalez, City Manager
  • David Watkins, Planning Director
  • Kaizer Rangwala, Rangwala Associates

Advisory Committee


The Advisory Committee (AC) include members from City Council, Planning Commission, and department heads to provide on-going and specific direction throughout the entire project. The AC discusses and finalizes work program objectives, civic engagement strategy, and list of resource team members. By including decision makers and department heads throughout the entire process, the City is underscoring the importance and role of the General Plan throughout all aspects of city management, budgeting, and operations, and create stronger internal coordination.

AC Members:

  1. Diana Mahmud, Councilmember
  2. Marina Khubesrian, Councilmember
  3. Richard Tom, Planning Commissioner
  4. Kelly Koldus, Planning Commissioner
  5. Rebecca Thomson, Business/resident
  6. Laurie Wheeler, Chamber
  7. Luke Quezada, Youth Commissioner
  8. Alex Kung, Resident
  9. Chris Glaeser, Resident
  10. Ann Rector, Resident
  11. Dean Serwin, Resident
  12. Traci Fleming, Resident
  13. Sam Hernandez, Business/resident
  14. Michele Kipke, SPUSD Board

Focus Groups

Six Focus Groups will support the public process developing policy options for the public to consider and actions to implement the public’s vision. The Focus Groups include members of the consulting team, city staff, civic leaders, and local volunteers with interest or expertise in each team's topic. Each Focus Group contributes members and expertise to the combined Well Planned and Designed, Accessible and Resilient Community (CORE) Group. This CORE Group will consider South Pasadena’s approach to growth and preservation, incorporating perspectives from the other five groups. In addition to developing goals and policies for each element, the other five groups will also review and assess alternate land use, circulation, and infrastructure scenarios developed by the CORE team.